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TechLaB is a boutique law firm that provides global legal services to companies in the technology- and biotech sector from two continents (Europe/UK and USA) in four languages (English, French, German and Dutch). TechLaB only does “tech law” as we believe clients deserve the highest quality in service and one is only good at what one is expert in. And technology law is what we do and are best at.

TechLaB currently has offices in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp), UK (London) and USA, and advises clients in EMEA, USA and APAC on:

  • Transactional: all types of (technology) agreements (licensing/support/services/cloud/ SaaS/PaaS/OEM/source code/distributorship/reseller/transfer of IP, etc.)
  • IT litigation
  • Compliance programs and training in the field of privacy law, anti-corruption (FCPA and UK Bribery), cookie policies, website policies, code of conduct, etc.
  • Privacy law and GDPR
  • General legal advice on Internet law/e-commerce/IP-IT
  • Open source software/projects
  • Cybersecurity

TechLaB – Technology Law Boutique: your one-stop shop for global legal services in technology.

Meet our team.